Cancellation Policy

If for any reason, the customer decides to cancel the dumpster rental before it arrives at the delivery address; the customers refund would be based on the following pro-rated schedule:

1. Cancelled before the truck with rented dumpster leaves Red Star Roll-Off property, full refund.
2. cancelled after truck leaves company property, but before the rented dumpster arrives at delivery address, full refund less $50.
3. cancelled after the rented dumpster is delivered to delivery address, no refund.


Red Star Roll-Off will provide a dumpster for rental to customers according to our published rates at the time of rental. Rental period not to exceed four (4) weeks, at which time Red Star Roll-Off has the right to remove dumpster from the customers address (or delivery address) or begin charging a daily rate of $5. If the dumpster weight exceeds published weight limits, Red Star Roll-Off will charge the customer $35/ton for the extra weight; this may be billed separately. We are not responsible for extra weight charges due to snow or rain.


Red Star Roll-Off reserves the right to allow 48 hours for delivery of dumpster to delivery address, not including Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Refunds will not be given if dumpster is delivered to delivery address beyond 48 hours due to acts of nature or events beyond our control. Red Star Roll-Off reserves the right to substitute the next larger size dumpster at no additional cost if ordered size is not available. Any substitutions for a smaller size dumpster must be agreed upon between Red Star Roll-Off and the customer and a price adjustment will be made according to the published rates at time of rental. Red Star Roll-Off drivers will do their best to place dumpster at the delivery address according to directions given by the customer at time of rental. Red Star Roll-Off reserves the right to charge the customer a nominal fee for returning to the delivery address to relocate dumpster at same address. The customer is responsible for any damages incurred to the dumpster while at the delivery address.